Acer saccharum ‘Bailsta’ (USPP11119)

Fall Fiesta® Sugar Maple


A full tree with symmetrical branching and leathery, glossy green leaves. Resistant to sun scald and frost cracks.

Height20 m
Spread15 m
FoliageGlossy green
Fall ColourOrange-red and yellow
Tree silhouette 23

Sizes available


200 cm Trees, #12

250 cm Trees, #16


150 cm Br. Whips

175 cm Br. Whips

200 cm Br. Whips

175 cm Trees

200 cm Trees

250 cm Trees

35 mm cal. Trees

40 mm cal. Trees

45 mm cal. Trees

50 mm cal. Trees

Wire basket

45 mm cal. Trees W.B.

50 mm cal. Trees W.B.


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