Celtis occidentalis


An excellent tree for adverse soil conditions. Very suitable for cities and along streets. Light green leaves and a rough corky bark. Native.

Height20 m
Spread18 m
FoliageLight green
Fall ColourYellow
Tree silhouette 24

Sizes available


80 cm Trees, Reforest, #2

150 cm Trees, Reforest, #2

175 cm Trees, Reforest, #2

200 cm Trees, #12

35 mm cal. Trees, #16


175 cm Br. Whips

200 cm Br. Whips

175 cm Trees

200 cm Trees

250 cm Trees

35 mm cal. Trees

40 mm cal. Trees

45 mm cal. Trees

50 mm cal. Trees

Wire basket

45 mm cal. Trees W.B.

50 mm cal. Trees W.B.


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